(Ref. S-600 & S-601)





These meters have been designed for the measurement of birefringence in compact discs. The model ref. S-600 is for the examination of clear discs using transmitted light. Model ref. S-601,which uses reflected light, is suitable for use with both clear and metallised discs. Each meter provides fan cooled white light and sodium monochromatic light. Sodium light is essential for accurate quantitative measurements.
Birefringence Meter for Clear Discs (Ref. S-600)

A clear disc is located on a spigot which allows the disc to be rotated during its examination.
Rotation of the upper polarising filter in its graduated mount, to give maximum extinction at the point of interest, gives a measurement of the birefringence in degrees. This is readily converted into nanometres by multiplying by a factor of 3.27 if sodium light is used.

Overall size: 280 x 280 x 445mm
Supply voltage: 240 or 110v



Birefringence Meter for Clear and Metallised Discs (Ref.S-601)

This instrument is designed for birefringence measurements of both clear and metallised discs. A loading spigot for the disc is provided, which is secured and swung into the viewing position by the partial turn of a hand wheel. The viewing aperture, incorporating a graduated polarising filter mount, allows measurements of the birefringence at a point to be taken as described under Ref: S-600

Overall size: 712 x 521 x 521mm
Supply voltage: 240 or 110v


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