This large field strain viewer is especially suitable for the examination and quality control of plastic film, plastic bags and large plastic mouldings or fabrications.

It has a viewing field of 460 x 1120mm and is designed so that plastic film can be drawn across the field thus allowing long lengths to be examined.

Larger field sizes can be supplied along with relevant quotations.

A cool white fluorescent light source is used and the lamp housing is fan cooled.

Polarised light has long been used in the glass industry and in recent years plastics goods manufacturers have come to realise its benefits for quality assurance purposes and plant control. In films for example, the detection of heterogeneous faults is of special interest and these are readily detected in polarised light.

Flow lines too, caused by molecular orientation, are easily seen and examples are shown below.




The strain viewer is designed for bench mounting and is of rugged construction to enable off-line or laboratory use.

Supply voltage 240 or 110v


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