260mm x 260mm Field of View





The Sharples General Purpose Strain Viewer has been designed to cover a wide range of strain viewing applications. It can be applied to the quality control inspection of glass and plastics components and may be employed as a vertical or horizontal viewing instrument. The working space available within the unit enables a wide variety of components to be accommodated for hand held examination in polarised light


Two alternative sources of illumination are available with the General Purpose Strain Viewer. The instrument can be supplied either with 'white light' illumination for the strain viewing of glass and acrylic articles or with white light and monochromatic light for the additional inspection of components produced in such materials as polystyrene plastics.

The standard General Purpose instrument incorporates a light source, an analyser with quarter wave plate and a polarising element with quarter wave plate. For the strain viewing of glass and acrylic components, a full wave plate can be incorporated in the optical system.

Removable covers on the instrument casing facilitate the insertion and withdrawal of the full wave plate and also provide easy access to the light source.



Viewing Field :     260mm x 260mm
Working Throat :  260mm
Overall Size :        445 x 280 x 280mm

Optional Equipment

Sodium Monochromatic
Illumination                         (Ref. S-18a)

Full Wave (Tint) Plate       (Ref. S-18b)

Strain pattern in plastics injection moulding.

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