With the recent introduction of regulations covering the use of safety glasses in critical locations in buildings,transport and furniture, it has become essential to have means of identifying such glasses.

From a security aspect alone, the identification of laminated glass in screens and other constructions is extremely important. Although safety glasses should have distinguishing markings, the possibility of human errors makes independent checking prudent. Laminated glass, in particular, depends upon local the local stockist for marking. We have also examined sheets of imported glass which, despite carrying toughened identification marks, had not been through toughening lehrs.

With these requirements in mind we have introduced SAFETY GLASS IDENTIFICATION KITS which enable the rapid determination of various types of safety glasses even by personnel with no previous experience.

To date, these kits have been supplied to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Palace of Westminster, Local Authorities, Building Controllers, Health & Safety Executives, Trading Standards Departments, Banks, Airports, Double Glazing Manufacturers and Furniture Companies.

A Kit comprises of a toughened glass identifier, a laminated glass identifier, a glass thickness measuring device, a Georgian safety wired glass identifier, a pocket strain viewer, battery charger and instruction manual. All these items are contained in a fitted case.
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