(Fitted with Magnifier lens)

200mm Diameter Field of View








The working space available on the
'Senarcom' instrument allows a wide
variety of products to be examined in
polarised light.


Viewing Field..........200mm diameter

Base dimensions....355mm x 355mm

Total Height............440mm (see below)

Space Height..........160mm (see below

Accurate assessment of stresses or strains in glass and plastics products is an essential requirement of the setting of standards for product manufacture and quality control.

The SHARPLES 'Senarcom' Strain Viewer enables qualitative and quantitative assessments to be made of the stresses and strains in transparent bottles, precision glassware and other glass or plastics products. The stress or strain magnitudes in the component under examination can be accurately measured using the Senarmont method of compensation.

A magnifier lens of 1.5X can be swung into and out of the optical system to assist the operator when viewing small items.

The stress/strain measuring technique is stepless in use and therefore more user convenient than the application of standard strain discs. It is an objective method of strain measurement which will help to eliminate operator error in the assessment of strain magnitudes.

Alternative sources of illumination are available with the Senarcom Strain Viewer. The instrument is supplied with 'white light' for qualitative examination purposes and sodium monochromatic light for accurate quantitative measurements.


PLEASE NOTE:  Our Senarcom Strain Viewer (Ref. S-66) is suitable for inspecting glass articles which are much larger than the ones which can be accommodated in a space height of 160mm. Ask for details.


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